2017 Summer-Spring Fashion Trends from Styling You

2017 Summer-Spring Fashion Trends from Styling You

Interesting fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2017 as selected by Styling You.  Which of these trends do you think you will go with?  And can you recognise the era that they are being repeated from?

15 Images of Fashion Trends for Spring-Summer 2017


1. Luxe fabrics – pictured: Country Road top

2. Gingham – pictured: Bohemian Traders shirt

3. Landscape prints – pictured: Witchery dress

4. Bold stripes – pictured: Solito dress (@ Birdsnest)

5. Red – pictured: Saba dress

6. Minimalist – pictured: Country Road dress

7. Boho – pictured: Jeanswest dress

8. Culottes – pictured: Country Road culottes

9. Slogan tee – pictured: Champagne Cartel tee

10. Blazers – pictured: Bohemian Traders blazer

11. Wrap anything – pictured: Boho Bird maxi (@ Birdsnest)

12. Off-the-shoulder anything – pictured: Fate + Becker dress (@ Birdsnest)

13. Ruffled anything – pictured: Boho Bird top (@Birdsnest)

14. Statement earrings – pictured: Ruby Olive earrings

15. Statement shoes – pictured: FRANKiE4 Footwear heels

Remember, when you are selecting styles to add to your wardrobe it is always good to consider, is it:

  • From my colour palette and going to compliment my skin tones?
  • A classic item that I will get long-term wear out of?
  • Something I can layer with other garments?
  • My splash of colour, fun and frivolous, so being economical is not an important factor?
  • An addition to my wardrobe that is not a double-up on something I already have?

The key to building a great wardrobe capsule is planning.  If you know what you need, you are less likely to waste money on things you don’t need, even if they are desirable.

More about this will be coming in our Wardrobe Capsule Challenge coming up later in the year.  If you would like to know about the challenge when it comes up, register your interest here.

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