Hi, I’m Jodi and welcome to Colour Me Beautiful where we are all about empowering you to make great clothing decisions that enhance your natural features.

Elevate your life through smart clothing choices!

We all know the heartache of buying that dress, shirt, pants or skirt, only to realise when you get it home that it doesn’t fit your shape or is the wrong colour or style for you.  Patterns that are overpowering, colours that make you look pale or red faced, leg or skirt length that makes you look frumpy…but what if you didn’t have to guess?  What if you knew what looked good on you, so you could shop with confidence?

You can save time and money by shopping with a colour palette that works for you!

Get to know your body type, understand what colors highlight your skin and features and what patterns or geometric shapes work for your body shape.  Our colour consultations and e-learning products will help you master your unique style so you are authentically you and flooded with compliments.

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