5 questions to ask to tell if you are wearing your best Colours

5 questions to ask to tell if you are wearing your best Colours

5 questions to ask to tell if you are

1. how does it look in the mirror?

 If you see:

  • bags or dark circles under your eyes
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • blemishes
  • tiredness

then the colours you are wearing are not your best!

If you see:

  • bright eyes
  • even skin tone
  • healthy, glowing complexion
  • it makes you feel good

then you are onto something, these colours are good for you!


 2. How do you FEEL?

Often, you know straight away if an item is right for you.

When you put it on, do you feel confident, gorgeous, sexy, respected?

Or do you feel not quite right, uncomfortable? If you don’t feel fabulous, ditch it!


3. How do you STAND?

Are your shoulders hunched, arms crossed or fidgeting?

Or are you standing up straight with your head up ready to look people in the eye?  This is a sign of confidence, a good indicator that the colour is right!


4. Does it clash?

If your hair colour and skin tone are cool and you are wearing a warm toned top, that’s a clash!

If you are a red head with brown eyes and warm skin tones, you’re warm. If you wear a cool blue that’s a clash!



Cool Pink                                           Warm Pink


5. How does it compare?

Most of us have at least one item in our wardrobe that we know looks fabulous. Compare it with the item you are not sure about. Are they similar in any way, or completely different?

Are they both warm/cool or different?

Do they have the same depth of colour – is one softer/brighter, lighter/darker?

Take clues from that one thing you look fab in – if the characteristics match you’re likely to be on a winner!

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