A Letter From Your Daughter

A Letter From Your Daughter

A Letter from Your Daughter

I hear you when you say “I’m fat”

I hear you say, “I can’t do this.”

When you say Yes and you want to say No.

When you don’t express your opinions.

When you don’t speak up.

When you say, “I’m hopeless”

When you feel guilty.

When you don’t accept compliments.

When you won’t let us take your photo.

When you try to be perfect.

You won’t leave your unhappy relationship.

When you don’t take time off.

When you are embarrassed about your interests.

Me too, mummy.

I adore you.

I look up to you.

I want to be you.

So if you’re hopeless I’ll be that too.

If you don’t deserve to be happy neither do I.

I won’t speak up for myself either.

Or accept compliments.

Or leave the boyfriend who mistreats me.

I won’t say how I feel. Or what I think.

Be cause I want to be

Just like Mummy.

Love, Your daughter


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