Belt Up – The How, Why and Where of Wearing Belts

Belt Up – The How, Why and Where of Wearing Belts

Why Wear a Belt?

5 reasons to wear a belt – apart from holding up your pants:

  1. Belts can help define your waist
  2. Belts can help divert the eye from problem areas
  3. Belts can add detail and interest to an outfit
  4. You can add an accent colour and contrast using a belt
  5. Belts can add fun and modernise an outfit

Where to Wear a Belt:

By this I mean where on your body. We know it goes around your waist, right?

But should it go right in the middle? Slightly above or below the waist?

Positioning your belt right can make your look!

Experiment with a the position of your belt to find out what works best for you. Right in the middle, just above or below the waist?

For example: 

Inverted triangle body shapes (larger up top) can wear chunkier belts on the hips to draw the eye down from the wider top half.

Slim and tall women can wear a belt straight around the middle

Short waisted ladies with a bigger bust – position the belt a little lower at the front to lengthen your waist.


What belt to wear:

Which belt styles suit you best?

Again, experiment with a variety of styles to find your ideal belt style.

Things to consider:

  • Wear a belt in a different way – under or over a cardigan.
  • Try more than one belt layered together
  • Width – does a wide belt work best for you, or a skinny belt?
  • A rigid leather belt or elasticised?
  • Contrast – do you want the belt to stand out or simply add shape?
  • If you’re new to wearing belts it can take some getting used to but remember it’s all about expressing yourself and feeling good!


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