Dressing to Suit Your Body Shape

Dressing to Suit Your Body Shape

Dressing to Suit Your Body Shape

Do you know the styles that flatter your body shape?

Every person has a unique body shape and it can change throughout our lives due to weight loss or gain, pregnancy, menopause, age and other factors.

There are 5 basic body shapes

Round, Triangle, Inverted triangle, Rectangle and Hourglass.

When working with our body shape the main aim is to balance out proportions. 

By selecting the right styles, prints, fabrics etc you can disguise not so favourite features and highlight the most gorgeous parts of you!

 Dressing to Suit Your Body Shape

Which body shape are you?


  • Balanced hips and shoulders
  • Little or no waist definition


  • Top half is smaller
  • Hips are wider than your shoulders


  • Shoulders are wider than hips
  • Little definition between waist and hips


  • Hips, bust and waist are of a similar measurement
  • Straighter shoulder line
  • Little waist definition


  • Hips and shoulders are similar size
  • Clearly defined waist

So what do you wear to flatter your body shape?

The idea is to create balance. If one area is out of proportion you can counteract the effect by adding balance.

For example,f you have broad shoulders and a narrow waist (Inverted Triangle) you can create balance by mimizing the top half and adding more bulk on the bottom:


Dresses for the Inverted Triangle Body Shape


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To balance out proportions of an Inverted Triangle, add bulk at the bottom and minimize it at the top. Fuller skirts, pleated pants and ruffles all add balance to the Inverted Triangle body shape

Dresses for the Triangle Body Shape:

Dressing the triangle body shape

To balance out a triangle body shape, add more bulk or width at the top. Off the shoulder tops, cropped jackets, ruffles, frills or boat necks all help add balance to this figure shape.

Dressing for your Body Shape is just one piece of the Style puzzle. You also need to take into account your Style Personality, natural colouring and lifestyle to find the clothes that really make you shine!

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