Finding Your First Clients

Finding Your First Clients

When you start out in small business, generally the budget doesn’t allow for expensive marketing campaigns.

TV/radio ads or huge Billboards on the street are generally out!

So how can you get the word out without breaking your budget?

Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling and your first clients coming in:

  • Tell everyone you know. Without giving them the sell! Just put the word out about what you are doing. Your friends and family will not only buy from you if they need what you are offering, but they will generally be happy to refer others to you. People love to help!
  • On that note, if they are your target market, offer a few freebies to friends and acquaintances who may be in touch with potential customers. If they have tried your product or service, it’s easy to recommend you!
  • Ask those who have used your service to write a testimonial for you. Share it on your social media and website.
  • Social media is a must. Set up a Facebook page for business and Instagram to start. Tell people about your social pages and link to them on your website and marketing materials. Share relevant content that your clients will want more of. Help them get to know you before asking them to buy from you.
  • Start a Blog. Don’t be salesy, just share valuable tips that your potential clients will appreciate.
  • Add your business to related business directories. Search online for directories that offer free or low cost listings.
  • Hang out where your clients do – online forums, Facebook groups and chat groups are great places to network and build up your contacts for mutually beneficial alliances.
  • Give away free samples or snippets
  • Write out a press release and send it to your local newspapers or magazines. (Google writing a press release for more info)
  • Donate products to local organisations and community groups for raffles and silent auctions. In return, you’ll usually get a mention in their newsletter and social media at the very least.

Good luck with your business! (Although luck has nothing to do with it)

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