Help! I’m Wearing the Wrong Colour!

Help! I’m Wearing the Wrong Colour!

Help! I’m wearing the wrong COLOUR!

We all have those days where there seems to be nothing to wear and we have to make do with something less than perfect.  We simply grab the wrong colour for our skin tones.

I had one of those days today.

I had a clothing mishap (caused by a chicken) and had to get changed in a hurry.

My washing machine is broken and I am at the dregs of my wardrobe and have thrown on a top that’s not in my colour palette (I am a Winter).

We all have done it…do it…will do it if given the chance.  It’s simple the act of getting dressed without thinking about your clothing choices.

So what can you do if you are stuck with something that is not your colour?  How can you rescue it?

In today’s video post I talk about 3 quick and easy ways to Rescue a Colour that Drains You

Do you have any rescue remedies?

I would love to read about them – post a comment on Facebook and share your thoughts!

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