How to Use a Colour Swatch

How to Use a Colour Swatch

Once you know your Season your wardrobe wallet is your most valuable shopping tool!

It contains colours that look good on you, all contained in a wallet that fits in your bag.

The brain cannot retain all the shades and hues that suit your season – colour is visual and you need to see it.

The idea is to keep your wallet in your handbag when you go shopping.

The aim is not to try to match the colours in your wallet exactly (with all the millions of colours in the world good luck with that!)

Rather, what you need to do is check that the item your are considering purchasing looks good alongside the colours in your wallet.

To assess this, you need to:

Hold the item against your open wallet with all the colours visible. Does it look right? Do the colours look as if they go together?

Yes? Try it on!

No? If it looks completely out of place with the colours in your wallet put it back on the hanger and try something else.

Try it out at home first so you are confident at the shops.

No more wasted purchases!

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