Necklines…do you know what works for you?

Necklines…do you know what works for you?

Do you go for a plunging neck line or a cowl neck, a halter top or a scoop neck, a square neck or a round?

With an endless amount of choices, it’s time to understand what is going to work for your figure shape and personal style.

Let’s plunge into necklines…and pardon the pun!

So which Neck Line suits you best?


So let’s focus on a few of these neck line styles…

The contoured shape of the sweetheart neck line turns an A-cup into a B. It is also recommended for women with big busts who want to accentuate cleavage; women with a short chin and neck; women with angular face shape, as it balances the contours of the sweetheart and petite women with small breasts and narrow shoulders may wear them to show more curves.



Dainty shoulders get a power boost in a halter top, so great for balancing the narrow shoulders of the pear shape.



The V-Neck is powerful in minimising large breasts, but can be worn by any shape or size.  It gives a leaner, longer, taller silhouette. Favulous for women with  broad shoulders, thick torsos, or short necks.  A wide V will balance out pear shapes.  A V that is too high will make breasts look saggy. A V that is too low will be too revealing. It is important to choose the right V for your body shape.

 The V-Neck style will work for those who have a large bust or like a little cleavage.  Great for full-figured women, as it gives a vertical illusion to the outfit.  A good bra gives maximum uplift and a great cleavage, which look fabulous with this neckline.  It works for women with a short neck and broad shoulders, as it draws attention to the center. Wide, round, and square jaws love this style, as it elongates their face shape.

We reserve the straight across, strapless style of dress for women with broad shoulders and small to medium sized breasts.  Best recommended for women with a long neck, well-toned arms, good shoulders and small to medium bust.  This style also helps to elongate the neck.


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