Six Tips for Choosing Glasses to Suit Your Face

Six Tips for Choosing Glasses to Suit Your Face

If you wear glasses you will be familiar with that feeling of confusion as you stand in front of an entire wall full of frames. What colour? What shape? Does this look ok? Sometimes the assistants are helpful, some are simply inflicting their own tastes onto you.

It doesn’t need to be that hard!

Read through my tips before you choose your next set of glasses and I promise it will be easier!

Six tips for choosing your glasses:

  1. Scale your glasses to the size of your head. Tiny glasses on a large head will look odd,as will huge frames on a small head.
  2. Aim to have the top of the frame lining up with your eyebrow
  3. Your eye should sit in the centre of the frame
  4. Colour is important – aim for something that harmonises with your natural colouring. If you are cool toned -ash blonde/pink toned skin – go for cooler shades, like blue, aqua, pink, or grey. If in doubt, try wear silver. If you are warm toned – red or golden blonde hair, warm skin tones – try warmer shades such as copper, browns, orange based shades. If in doubt, try gold.
  5. Unless you are an out there personality, stick to classic neutrals or metals; if you choose trendy colours be aware you might not always love them or feel like wearing that colour on every occasion – if you can, get a second pair
  6. With sunglasses you can be a bit more adventurous. Depending on how much you spend, you might have several pairs that you can mix and match with your style of the day.
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