The best shades for your Season

The best shades for your Season

A Shade For All Seasons

Is there a colour you love but it doesn’t look good on you?

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Here’s the deal: Everyone can wear a version of most colours – it’s the shade and tone of the colour that counts! Here is a list of some of the best shades for your season:


Winter – Raspberry, hot pink, magenta, icy pink

Summer – Powder pink, rose, soft fuchsia

Spring – salmon, warm pink

Autumn – Salmon pink


Winter -Raspberry, cranberry, scarlet, burgundy

Summer – Watermelon, raspberry, coral

Spring – Clear red, geranium

Autumn – Tomato red, rust


Winter – not recommended

Summer – not recommended

Spring – Marigold, light orange, tangerine

Autumn – Pumpkin, deep peach, coral, terracotta


Winter – Lemon, ice yellow

Summer – Light lemon

Spring – Bright golden yellow, light gold, canary yellow

Autumn – Golden yellow, mustard, ochre


Winter – Emerald, teal, turquoise

Summer – Aqua, jade

Spring – Lime, light aqua, mint, apple green

Autumn – Jade, emerald, teal, olive



Winter – Royal blue, true blue, electric blue

Summer – Powder blue, sky blue, cornflower

Spring – Sky blue, periwinkle, purple

Autumn – True blue, amethyst, purple


Whatever season you are, don’t be scared to try new colours – sometimes we dismiss things without realising, but try something new, you just might find a new shade that makes you sparkle!

Zebra with strips of pink color.


Girl for all Seasons video just for fun !

What Season are you? Did you find this post helpful?

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