Tips for Choosing Your Branding Colours

Tips for Choosing Your Branding Colours

Tips for Choosing Your Branding Colours

Tip #1

Think about what kind of a feel you want for your branding.

Do you want kick arse bold, romantic, subdued, classy or elegant?

Tip #2

Look for some pictures to convey the feeling you want. Home decoration magazines are a great source of colour inspiration!

Tip #3

Search the Google or Pinterest for images. I tend to search for palettes by description of what I want, eg, ‘bright’ and ‘fun’ for my Craft Fun 4 Kids website. Or ‘retro colours’ for a retro style website.

Tip #4

Nature itself is a great source for finding colours that go well together – check out your own backyard!

Tip #5

Once you find a colour scheme you like, take a photo or pin it as a reference – you can go back to this when completing your branding.

Tip #6

How to get those colours into your branding: It’s all very well to choose your colours, but translating that to your website or images is another story. What you need is the Hex code for each of your branding colours.

You can then enter this code in your website or image editor to get exactly the same colours – no hit and miss!

To get the hex codes from and image, upload it to:

You can then click on any part of the image and it will tell you the hex code for that colour.

Here is a snapshot of my Pinterest Colour Schemes board:

How to choose your branding colours

Tip #7

Whatever Colour scheme you choose for your branding, use it in all your marketing materials and website.

Tip #8

Keep your hex colour codes handy so you can use them in everything you create for your business!

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