What Do Your Colours Say About You?

What Do Your Colours Say About You?

What Do Your Colours Say About You?

I truly believe that colours invoke feelings. There are certain colours I really have to be ‘in the mood’ to wear, and colours that I wear for specific occasions to empower or encourage certain feelings.

Take red – I like red, and a nice blue based red actually looks nice on me. But if I’m not having a great day and feeling low in energy I stay right away from red.

I see it as an energetic, ‘up’ colour – if that clashes with my mood it doesn’t feel right to me – so I don’t wear it.

When I need to assert myself, I tend to wear black as it makes me feel powerful and gives me courage and a ‘We’re not gonna take it’ attitude.

Here’s my take on what feelings some colours invoke:

Yellow: Cheerful, happy and energetic

Orange: Same as yellow but with more oomph!

Red: Energetic, outgoing, extroverted, sexy

Pink: Sweet, innocent, romantic and feminine

Purple: Mystical, mysterious, creative. (Many people I know born in February, including myself, gravitate to purple – is this true for you?)

Blue: Calm, serene, trustworthy, reliable

Green: Stable, sincere, often associated with money.

Black: Power colour – strength and sophistication, says, ‘take me seriously’

White: Pure, innocent, fresh

What do your colours say about you?

Confession time: I always match my underwear to my mood or the emotion I want to harness 🙂

Do you have any colour quirks? What colours affect your mood?

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