Why does my skin look different in Winter?

Why does my skin look different in Winter?

Why Does Your Skin Colour Change at Different Times of the Year?

Does your skin look different with the change of Season (I’m talking weather here)?
Mine sure does – in the Summer months I look in the mirror and my skin looks not too bad: I often go without Foundation or at the most a light dusting of Mineral Foundation or Bronzer

But as the weather gets cooler and we head toward Winter I find I need more coverage. I rarely go without makeup and need that little bit extra to even out my skin tone!Perhaps you are the same, or maybe it’s the other way around for you.Why?

Here are some possible reasons our skin looks different at different times of the year:
  • Tanning – even wearing SPF moisturiser every day our skin will change colour in Summer
  • Colour is all about light – that’s what colour is – light reflecting
  • Colours appear differently in different light.
  • At different times of the year the light varies – the position of the sun, clouds and weather conditions have an effect on the light
  • Hence, our skin looks different!
  • I’m always going on about wearing your best colours – those are the colours that flatter you, the colours that throw light back on your face.
  • The light around you contributes to this whole effect

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you experience such changes? Or do you notice no change at all?

I would love to hear – leave a comment below and tell me about your experience with colour and the changing weather.
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