You Can Wear Any Colour – I’ts the Shade that counts!

You Can Wear Any Colour – I’ts the Shade that counts!

Did you know that you can wear most colours?

It’s not so much the colour that matters, it’s the intensity and the tone.

As an example, you have a red top that you love, it looks great and you look fabulous in it. Your skin glows, your eyes sparkle and you look alive!

So, you go and buy another red top. But when you go to wear it something’s not right. 

You look as glowy, your skin looks a little dull and you look more tired.


Because it’s not the right red!

Maybe the first colour was a Raspberry (a blue based red), which looks great if you are a Cool season (Summer, Winter) The second red may have been a tomato or a fire engine red, which look fabulous on Warm seasons (Autumn, Spring) but clash on a cool person and make them look like the walking dead!

The graphic below shows only a few of the different reds:

Red Shades ♥it by Taip.Net Creative Concepts + Solutions:

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In the snaps below I am wearing two different versions of red lipsticks. The warm red on the left, Tomato (warm) clashes a bit with my overall cool colouring, the eye is drawn to the lips and it’s competing with the rest of my face.

On the right I am wearing a cooler version of red in the plum. My eyes stand out more and my skin looks smoother with fewer shadows. The colour of the lipstick is in more harmony with my natural colouring.

lipstick warmcolour seasons - warm and cool looks 

Wearing your best version of a colour: 

·         Makes you glow

·         De-emphasises imperfections such as dark circles, lines and blemishes

·         Makes you feel more confident

Wearing  version of a colour that clashes with your natural colouring:

·         Makes you look drained, tired and washed out

·         Highlights imperfections so they are more noticeable

·         Diminishes your confidence

How to know which version of a colour is right for you:

Experiment – Go through your wardrobe and find as many versions of a colour as you can find – raid your linen cupboard, kids rooms if you need to!

Hold them up against your face in good natural light. Which looks better?

Is your best green a teal, olive or emerald? Do you shine in pumpkin orange or peach? A navy or royal blue? Or is an ice blue better on you?

Your best colours will highlight your best features and make your features come alive.

colour seasons - warm and cool looks, colour seasons - warm and cool looks

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