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Seasonal Colour Workshop Party for up to 5 people

Seasonal Colour Workshop Party for up to 5 people

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Seasonal Colour Workshop Party

Along with up to 4 of your friends, discover the shades that flatter your individual colouring to make shopping mistakes a  a thing of the past!

This ‘life-changing’  workshop includes a take home mini swatch fan to use as a guide whilst shopping and is delivered in the comfort of your own home or at an agreed venue!

During the consultation, you will all be given advice on how to wear existing pieces in your wardrobe. And we will work as a team as everyone models some of their favourite clothing items.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to confidently identify your colour season and the colours that best enhance your own natural beauty.

Each participant gets:
– Colour Consultation
– Mini Colour Swatch
– Opportunity for feedback on current clothing choices with styling advice on length and pattern choices.

Not just a colour consult…. theres also a touch of stying advice included along with your very own shape takeaways.

Workshop length is 4 hours

Jodi Martin, Senior Trainer, CMB Australia Pty Ltd

Message from Jodi Martin, Senior Trainer at CMB Australia

When I was first starting my career back in the 90’s, I realised that I needed some help to present a professional image, so I had a colour analysis done. This put me ahead of the pack and saved me a lot of time and wasted resources because from an early age I knew what would work best for me. It also drew a lot of compliments which helped to build my self-esteem.

Fast forward 20 years in Change Management working as a Consultant to some very large and prominent business brands in Australia & New Zealand, I have experienced a lot of different workplaces, at all levels including the Executive level. I have paid particular attention to the way that people use colour to influence the way they are perceived.

Combined with my personal interest in Personal Styling, I have spent countless hours learning the best way to dress to impress. I have also been a team leader in a leading network marketing company in the skincare & beauty industry, where I have trained teams of consultants and have gained skill and expertise in skin care and makeup.

With a special interest in personal development, I am also a certified Realise2Strengths Profiling Consultant and I love working with people to help them to identify and make the most of their natural skills and abilities.

I bring all of this experience to the table, delivering to you a unique understanding of how to achieve change through my passion for colour analysis and I am excited to share this knowledge with you to save you time, money and effort.

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